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deviation in storage by itsumo-ichiban
deviation in storage by itsumo-ichiban


Important Tidbits

:bulletblue: Aiko prides herself on her excellent cooking, and absolutely loves making meals for visitors.

:bulletblue: She gets lonely very, very easily. Social interaction is extremely important to her, and if she's left alone for too long she starts to get upset.

:bulletblue: She greatly values her traditions and her culture, and luckily for her, so do her people. Festivals, dances, and dishes of old Ryukyuan culture are still a large part of life on Okinawa.

:bulletblue: To the rest of Japan, she has a very heavy, easily noticeable accent (much like a deep southern accent in America). It makes it difficult for the other prefectures to understand her. Not only does this make it difficult, but Okinawa also has a bad habit of slipping into Ryukyuan, which is a seperate language, or the Okinawan dialect of Japanese, which resembles Ryukyuan very closely.

:bulletblue: She's able to speak four languages: Ryukyan, Chinese, Japanese, and more recently English. She also knows a little bit of Korean, though she's not fluent.

:bulletblue: She learned English during her stay with America after WW2. He actually did a relatively good job considering how difficult she was to teach. Her English is informal and littered with American slang, which is often either outdated or misused. She also says Japanese sayings in English, which tends to be quite confusing.

:bulletblue: She misses the days when she was an important trading center, when she was independent and was able to trade with whoever she wanted. There were always people visiting, laughing, and talking. It was extremely lively. Oftentimes, when she's alone, she'll dreamily reminisce about those times.

:bulletblue: Her relationship with Japan is very difficult to explain. She sees him as arrogant and only concerned with what will get him what he wants. They argue a lot, even now. Her tendency to dwell on the past means she often brings it up during these arguments. She gets very upset afterwards, and sulks in her room for a while. However, she has gotten along with Japan at times (such as during New Year's).




When we meet, we become family.
Okinawa Stamp by Aoringo




Mensore! Welcome! My name is Aiko Honda. I represent the Ryukyu islands in southern Japan, otherwise known as Okinawa Prefecture.
Ask me anything your minds can come up, I'd be thrilled to answer!


Bio - History

Before it was Okinawa prefecture, this group of islands in southern Japan was referred to as the Ryukyu kingdom. It was an independent kingdom, closely associated with China, until capture by Japan in the 15th century. It came into existence in 605 B.C., but was not technically an organized kingdom until 1187 A.D. when overlord Shunten took control over the territory.

Okinawa has had a bit a difficult history. Japan, wanting the ports and trading relations, attacked the kingdom in 1609 in an event called the Shimazu Invasion. The Satsuma clan (a samurai clan under the Japanese emperor) took control over the kingdom and divided up the land. They then imposed strict regulation of Ryukyuan trade, and sent an administrator to Naha to help control the people.

In 1816, two British warships, Alceste and Lyra, ported briefly in Ryukyu after a journey to China. After coming home, the word about the wealthy Asian trading state spread through Europe and America, prompting more journeys to the islands. The English and French were soon trading and doing missionary work in the Ryukyus. In 1815, America's "black ships", the first American vessels to arrive in Japan, landed in Ryukyu. Captain Perry spent a good amount of time in these islands, taking time to visit Shuri Castle.

Finally, in 1879, the Ryukyu islands were officially annexed as Okinawa Prefecture. China greatly opposed of the annexation. In fact, it was protested so heavily that U.S. President Grant had to step in to help resolve the issue.

From early to mid-1900s, Okinawa experienced debt and labor disputes, among other things. A severe recession in 1925 caused management disputes in all three Okinawan banks, and in 1928 labor disputes broke out as well. Then, in 1944, Americans raided Okinawa in the October tenth air raid. One year later, Okinawa was captured by American troops. America then owned Okinawan territory for 22 years, until it was officially returned to Japan in 1972.



Capital City: Naha
Location: Southern Japan
Human age: 20
Height: 5' - 152 centimeters
Weight: Around 100 pounds

Personality: Despite her difficult history, Aiko is a very relaxed, cheerful person who loves to cook, talk, and eat. She absolutely loves being around people, and feels close connections with those she considers her friends.

Aiko can get lonely very easily. Because she needs a certain amount of social interaction, she begins to get upset when she doesn't get it. This makes her a bit clingy, and she often worries about whether or not her friends enjoy her presence or not.

Appearance: She is relatively short and quite tan. Her body is is riddled with tiny scars, and a few larger scars (which represent the destruction of historical landmarks or the use of land for foreign military bases). Her black, slightly faded hair is always tied back in a ponytail. When fishing or farming, or when in formal situations, her bangs are held off to the side by a couple of cheap hair clips. Otherwise it's loose around her face. She wears weatherbeaten T-shirts and jeans or canvass pants the majority of the time, and a simple dark blue coat when it rains.


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